High Temp & Nuclear Packings

High Temp & Nuclear Packings

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Munaco has the hard to find valve and pump packings for nuclear applications. Several styles are available for use high pressure and high reliability services.

  • Some style have Inconel® wire
  • Up to 950F in atmosphere
  • Up to 1200F in steam
  • Up to 1650F in oxygen free service
  • Up to 4,000 psi in valves
  • Good end ring materials
  • Combined with high purity GRAPH-LOCK® rings for stem seals
  • Some styles will not fray
  • 1398 can be used for end rings
  • Commonly used in BWR and PWR reactos
  • High purity grades without lubricant
  • High purity grades without PTFE
  • Square braids from 1/8" to 1.0" cross sections
  • Cut lengths or on spool
  • Split cut rings or die formed rings
  • Non-lubricated for high purity
  • Metric sizes available


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