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E-Rings are used for many applications and industries. These seals are designed for large compression and deflection movements in high temperature sealing environments. E-Rings can be used in combustion sealing and exhaust sealing for joints that have significant bending, flexing, and flange seperation.

  • Designed to work like a metal bellows
  • High spring rates
  • Capable of sealing medias up to 2500F
  • Nearly 100% recovery in some configurations
  • For external or internal pressure conditions
  • Commonly used in highly cycled joints
  • Can be used in severe differential thermal expansion joints
  • Can withstand flange seperations, some designs greater than 0.050"
  • Low load requirements to compress the seal
  • Designed to not damage flange surfaces along with easy removal
  • A wide variety of alloys are available including
  • Inconel® X750
  • Inconel® 718
  • Waspaloy®
  • Rene 41
  • Standard cross sections and tooling already available for most applications
  • Custom cross sectional designs available
  • Straight seal configurations available
  • Large diameter, segmented designs available
  • High temperature anti-wear coatings can be added
  • Single convolute and multi-convolute designs exist with performance data

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