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Metal C-Rings are an excellent choice for a high temperature and high pressure seal where compressive loads are moderate. C-Rings are available from wide variety of materials and coatings, cross sections, and are even available in non-round geometries.

  • For internal and external pressure applications
  • Seal design uses system pressure to maintain sealing level during thermal cycles and joint seperation
  • For use in temperatures from cryogenic to high tempertures up to 1600F and higher in certain conditions
  • For use with pressures ranging from vacuum to 80,000 psi
  • Moderately priced for metal sealing technology
  • Good springback
  • Standard cross sections available and tooling is relatively low cost for specials
  • Flexible design that can be used in a variety of flange configurations with low load
  • Inconel® X750
  • Inconel® 718
  • Other highly resilient nickel cobalt alloys available
  • Can be coated with silver, gold, PTFE, nickel, etc.
  • A wide number of standard cross sections available from 1/32" to 1/2"
  • Seals available in diameters from 1/4" to 10 feet
  • Can be made for non-circular flanges in geometric shapes i.e. rectangular, triangular, oval, etc.
  • Can be made to snap in and out of grooves with an interference snug fit for installation ease
  • Can be made with an integral compression limiter for flat flanges

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