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Metal seals for the most extreme applications with a flexible design. Spring-Energized metal seals utilize an combination of a helical spring surrounded by one or more layers of softer metal. The softer metal jacket flows into the flange groove finish so that a highly effective seal can be achieved. This type of seal was developed specifically for solving high risk nuclear flange applications. In addition to making a great seal for nearly every high temperature and high pressure application in every industry, the seal also can be manufactured in nearly any geometry from round, square, triangular, to oblong.

  • Tightest metal sealing product available; thick outer jacket or plating with helically wound spring
  • Most flexible design for material compatibilities, size, cross sections, and performance
  • Temperatures from cyrogenic to over 2500F
  • Pressures up to 100,000 psi
  • For internal, external, and axial pressure applications
  • Handles rougher surfaces than other metal seals
  • Variety of jacketed materials engineered with a light to heavy load internal spring to optimize performance
  • Available in many standard cross sections and custom sizes with low tooling costs
  • Ultra-high vacuum sealing levels
  • Reasonable cost product in higher volumes with excellent performance characteristics
  • Jacket materials from silver, copper, Inconel® X750, nickel 201, soft iron and virtually any sheet material available in thin gage
  • Springs from carbon steel, Inconel® X750, Nimonic 90, and Inconel® 718
  • Lining materials made from stainless steels or other high temperature alloys
  • Other jacket materials are available for extreme operating conditions in Monel® 400, Hastelloy® C-276, and Inconel® 625
  • Fatigue resistant alloys are also available in L-605 and Inconel® 600
  • Available in standard and custom cross sections from 0.060" to 0.750"
  • Diameters from 1/4" to 30 Feet
  • Availalbe for grooved and/or flat flanges
  • Can be made with integral carrier/compression stop for flat and/or tongue and groove flanges
  • Custom made for many flanges with existing grooves
  • Can be made in non-round geometries like rectangular , triangular, oval, lobed, etc.

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