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Piston Rings are typically tempered to have an outward or inward tension to seal against the bore or cylinder of a device. Typical examples of where industrial piston rings are used are in valves, down hole tools, sealing one-time inserted devices, and in some higher dynamic applications like reciprocating piston compressors. Piston rings can also be engineered to provide a seal with better overal capabilities than a typical industrial piston ring. Seal Rings are used in applications where leakage is critical.

  • A primary choice for ID to OD sealing in demanding applications
  • Creates an arduous path for the media and creating a seal
  • Excellent choice for sealing slightly dynamic applications
  • For temperatures from cryogenic to 2500F 
  • Best sealing solution for reciprocating equipment, static sealing ID to OD, and slow rotating equipment
  • Various sealing rates can be provided
  • Low cost ID to OD sealing solution
  • Proven standard sizes and groove layouts available
  • Engineered to be sacrificial and improves hardware life
  • Many materials and coatings available for your service requirements
  • Ease of installation and servicing
  • High nickel alloys for extreme service - Inconel® X750, Inconel® 718, Inconel® 625, Inconel® 600
  • Corrosion resistant alloys - Hastelloy® C276,  20, Monel® 400, Nimonic 90, 300 series SST, 400 series SST
  • Low temperature solutions - PTFE, PEEK, filled nylon, aluminum, bronze
  • Coatings - moly, PTFE, phosphates, chromes, TiN, lead, tin, indium
  • Standard and custom sizes available from 1/2" OD to over 90" OD
  • Joints are available in step, square, butt, angle, mitre, hook step, mitre step, lock step, hook lock
  • Available in 1 piece designs or in multiple pieces - 1 ring, 2 ring, 3, ring, and with marcel springs
  • Can be made for existing grooves
  • Can be manufactured with controlled leak rates to meet design criteria

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