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Kammprofile gaskets are quickly becoming the safe replacement of double jacketed gaskets in large non-standard flanges and heat exchangers. The kammprofile gasket consists of a rigid metal carrier made from a suitable alloy for the service conditions with a softer sealing element capable of sealing your process fluids. The selection of sealing elements inclued flexible graphite, PTFE, Thermiculite®, and soft metals. The genious of the kammprofile design is the precisely machined grooves in the solid metal core cause the sealing element on the faces to have higher sealing stress points than a plain flat gasket. Thus, the kammprofile can provide a tighter seal at lower seating stress than other comparable gaskets.

  • Highly engineered sealing solution for a wide variety of applications
  • Standard  and custom sizes available
  • For services up to 1800F
  • Uses a rigid serrated core to center the gasket and maintain proper seating stresses
  • Soft sealing elements provide a tight seal against the flange surfaces and fills imperfections in the flanges
  • Flexpro™ brand kammprofiles from Flexitallic® are available from Munaco
  • Lower seating stress required, retains bolt stress through thermal cycling
  • Can be engineered to be chemcially compatible with media
  • Eliminates radial buckling issues common with other gaskets
  • For use in vacuum to high pressure applications
  • Minimizes flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation, and creep
  • Outer sealing element materials - flexible graphite, ceramic, PTFE, soft metals
  • Performance outer sealing element materials - Thermiculite®, Gylon®, Sigma®, Flexicarb®
  • Solid metal core material grades available - SST 316, SST 321, SST 347, alloy 20, alloy x750, Inconel® 718, alloy C276, alloy 625, Incoloy® 800, duplex
  • From 1/2" sizes to 90" and above
  • With a centering ring to center within the ID of a bolt circle
  • Without a centering ring for narrow tongue and groove flanges
  • With a loose centering ring to allow for differential thermal flange movements
  • ASME B16, DIN, and shallow profiles available


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