High Temperature Spiral Wounds

High Temperature Spiral Wounds

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New! Spiral wounds filled with Thermiculite® 835 can operate in temperatures up to1800 F, even in oxidizing environments. This revolutionary material when combined with x750 heat treated windings provides a tighter seal where other gaskets simply fail. Available in the following styles: R (windings only), RIR (windings and inner ring), CG (outer ring only), and CGI (both inner and outer rings). Contact Munaco for the best technologies in spiral wound gaskets today.

  • High resiliency in pressure and temperature changes
  • Innovative solutions for up to 1800 F in oxidizing environments
  • Thermiculite® 835 filler from Flexitallic® 
  • Available in all typical spiral wound styles
  • Custom shapes available
  • Perfect solution to extend the life of the gasket where graphite fillers are oxidized
  • Excellent sealing characterists in a high temperature gasket
  • Less expensive than most custom metal gaskets
  • Can be used in place of some double jacketed gaskets in heat exchangers
  • Windings available in: 304 SS, 316L SS, 321 SS, 347 SS, Inconel® 600, Incoloy® 800/825, Inconel® X-750, Monel® 
  • For cyclical applications - Heat treated Inconel® X-750 windings
  • Filler made from Thermiculite® 835 can operate in up to 1800 degrees F, even in oxidizing environments
  • From 1/4" up to 100" in diameter
  • Manufactured in accordance to relevent standards to suit the following flange designations: ASME B16.5, BS 1560, BS 10, ASME B16.47 "B", ASME B16.47 "A", BS 4504, DIN, JIS
  • Common styles including: R, RIR, CG, CGI
  • Available in non-round geometries - rectangular, triangular, oval, oblong, etc


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