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Munaco Sealing Solutions has a wide variety of spring products available from standard helically wound springs to custom size and ground high strength alloy springs. Springs can be made from music wire, 5160-H, Chrome Vanadium, Chrome Silicon, 4161-H, Berylium Copper, C-276, H-12 Tungston, and all high nickel or high cobal alloys. Compression and Extension Springs available in Hot Wound up to almost 3" bar and cold wound from 0.005" wire. Spring Types available from Munaco are: Compression Springs, Garter, Ring, Extension Springs, Leaf Springs, Cantilever Springs, Belleville Springs, Spiral Tension Springs, Torsion Springs, Spring Washers, Leaf Springs, clock of spiral springs, and Double Torsion springs. Surface treatments available are alumized thermal coatings, hard surfacing, and centerless ground.

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